Ariana Grande - Focus
r 10 timmar sedan
Shut up and love yourself
Shut up and love yourself 10 timmar sedan
Pues si ya lo creo, ella es mi diosa
J o x t e a r s
J o x t e a r s 10 timmar sedan
This song low key aesthetic-
Arya Luhur
Arya Luhur 10 timmar sedan
Dec 3rd, 2020
oatmeals 10 timmar sedan
Me : want to be like Ari Also me : want to be the imposter
Tomita Nimation
Tomita Nimation 10 timmar sedan
me who just noticed that 34+35=69:😳
Britney B
Britney B 10 timmar sedan
It’s always 34+35=69 But never “Britney, how’s math class?”😔
Lab. Informática OC
Lab. Informática OC 10 timmar sedan
vc e muito lindo de maisssssssssssssssssssss
Rjay Valete
Rjay Valete 10 timmar sedan
Tiktok can relate here😂
oatmeals 10 timmar sedan
Me: sleeping My mind: I don't wanna keep you up, but show me can you keep it up. Cause then I'll have to keep you up~ ✨
lily monalisa
lily monalisa 10 timmar sedan
Hannah Tarek
Hannah Tarek 10 timmar sedan
Switching *POSITIONS*
MD mohsin Sultan
MD mohsin Sultan 10 timmar sedan
who is here after trump lost?
Hannah Tarek
Hannah Tarek 11 timmar sedan
"I just hope we don't repeat history" WAIT
Gab Angela
Gab Angela 11 timmar sedan
So high peach cant be able to reach
breno silva de frança
breno silva de frança 11 timmar sedan
ariana still looks like a child
Jasenka Latic
Jasenka Latic 11 timmar sedan
1 000 views video challenge
1 000 views video challenge 11 timmar sedan
That random person who liked my Comments may you and your parents live more than 100 years. God bless you.
Being Belieber
Being Belieber 11 timmar sedan
This song was #1 on Billboard 😚💕
Sahil Shaikh
Sahil Shaikh 11 timmar sedan
*The truth is no one can fcuk from night to day light... All aren't johhny*
Eya Zahira
Eya Zahira 11 timmar sedan
I love ariana 😍 she's always doing good music to hear ✅✅
A 11 timmar sedan
I lovee this song
Gab Angela
Gab Angela 11 timmar sedan
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed 11 timmar sedan
Space reminds me of among us lol
Dimple Begana
Dimple Begana 11 timmar sedan
I'm I the only one who's reminded of this song (Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho) while listening to stuck with you. I know it's nowhere similar but I just remembered.
Mátyás Farkas
Mátyás Farkas 11 timmar sedan
Lalita Bhandari
Lalita Bhandari 11 timmar sedan
anyone watching in 2020 december
Ivana Rishko
Ivana Rishko 11 timmar sedan
That is so good i cant stop luštěniny to this its so omg
Nowaz Tamanna
Nowaz Tamanna 11 timmar sedan
Anne Marie best love you too
Kiana Osas
Kiana Osas 11 timmar sedan
Sad that some celebrities sold their souls to the devil..
Family_ Arianators
Family_ Arianators 11 timmar sedan
Can be four years old, but I'll never stop listening to this song is the best 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
why? 11 timmar sedan
This song is very underrated i never anyone talk about it
Anisa fadilqh
Anisa fadilqh 11 timmar sedan
3 December and still watch this
aniyah jones
aniyah jones 11 timmar sedan
Love from my heart
korean lovers
korean lovers 11 timmar sedan
I have become addicted to this song 😍
story side
story side 11 timmar sedan
Wow arena's so cool and she even does videos at quarantine too
Zinedine Reid
Zinedine Reid 11 timmar sedan
gacha *cookie cute*
gacha *cookie cute* 11 timmar sedan
IamImee Galoso
IamImee Galoso 11 timmar sedan
34+35=69 😚
Ana Beatriz Beatriz
Ana Beatriz Beatriz 11 timmar sedan
Hello Love Ariana Grande
Samayra and shayla tv
Samayra and shayla tv 11 timmar sedan
It kinda sounds like ariana is saying bacon eggs
Jonatas Gamer
Jonatas Gamer 11 timmar sedan
Amei a música
Kwengtreyan 11 timmar sedan
story side
story side 11 timmar sedan
Jesus arena voice is sooo good
Scarlet Boquet
Scarlet Boquet 11 timmar sedan
The dots are bothering me........I can't focus 😭
1 000 views video challenge
1 000 views video challenge 11 timmar sedan
For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life..
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo 11 timmar sedan
@linda caron it says in the article the african american hollywood celebrities use a japanese skin lightening and bleaching lotion which changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin but they deny it i think they deny using this lotion because they want people to think they are naturally light skinned thats the only reason i can think of people should just be honest.
Sakshi Verma
Sakshi Verma 11 timmar sedan Support ❤️❤️
AJ TORRANO 11 timmar sedan
stream harder !!!!
Kaic Tv
Kaic Tv 11 timmar sedan
Tudo português?
Nik 11 timmar sedan
Me listening to this: I SEE IT I LIKE IT I WANT IT I POSE IT, YUH
1 000 views video challenge
1 000 views video challenge 11 timmar sedan
For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life.
Tonet Llacer
Tonet Llacer 11 timmar sedan
$#!+ I just realized 34+35=69 whut A fUcKiNg legend👌
Thepink pineapple
Thepink pineapple 11 timmar sedan
I think this is a four dimensional earth with low gravity.. reminds me of hotel transylvania.. thx covid for making me look through old songs :)
sam 11 timmar sedan
Got the neighbors yellin' earthquake
Mateus Mendes
Mateus Mendes 11 timmar sedan
AJ TORRANO 11 timmar sedan
stream harderr !!!
Joric Jacob Pabalate
Joric Jacob Pabalate 11 timmar sedan
I just noticed in the description box they missed the O in Official
The Yellow Owl
The Yellow Owl 11 timmar sedan
I First Thought This Was Newly Released But Damn It was Released 5 freaking Years Ago
poranezian parapiyo
poranezian parapiyo 11 timmar sedan
วริศรา แซ่ลี้
วริศรา แซ่ลี้ 11 timmar sedan
Number 1 in my heart. I love her♥️♥️♥️
Moira Iantosca
Moira Iantosca 11 timmar sedan
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Instagram Tool for Business 11 timmar sedan
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Tsering Tso
Tsering Tso 11 timmar sedan
Seems like Editor used every effects and filter he has to utilise by purchasing application 🤪😂
Nikhil Bolla
Nikhil Bolla 11 timmar sedan
I wonder how she smells like 🥺
Eypey Kyut
Eypey Kyut 11 timmar sedan
Who's here in 2020?
Sashog :3
Sashog :3 11 timmar sedan
Resa Lina
Resa Lina 11 timmar sedan
Buat lu yg bilang lagu ariana grande flop.......cuman gara" lagu grub lu nangkring di bilboard cuman mau bilang idol lu ngakk ada apa" nya di bandingkan sama ariana grande
Febri Prasad
Febri Prasad 11 timmar sedan
When comments are more entertaining than videos🙄😁
NEHA T MUSIC 11 timmar sedan
Mario Cole
Mario Cole 11 timmar sedan
How many people are here in December?
Paranoyak Robot
Paranoyak Robot 11 timmar sedan
She gotta get rid of Scooter Braun asap. Her talent is wasting in his hands. She could've been something way bigger with that voice. Such a shame.
Ryan MuriukiKamau
Ryan MuriukiKamau 11 timmar sedan
When Ariana was. fixing the robot 🤖👏👏👏🌟
namjoon's bae
namjoon's bae 11 timmar sedan
I've stumbled upon this video and I still can't believe that this was 6 years ago- this songs still slaps👁️👄👁️❤️
Egger EGGERTRON 11 timmar sedan
Aditi Sapariya
Aditi Sapariya 11 timmar sedan
Who is here for Ariana's cuteness
Umesh Sethi
Umesh Sethi 11 timmar sedan
Woww... I noticed Kris Jenner after 2 years.
P e n n y w i s e
P e n n y w i s e 11 timmar sedan
pov have same vibes like psycho by red velvet, i hope in the future they will collab. I really like it!! they both QUEENS AND TALENTED!!
Mako -
Mako - 11 timmar sedan
Ariana...Cute,Hot and sings really well..Ight boiz i need a wife like her...
Warsha Asad
Warsha Asad 11 timmar sedan
Who else is listening this song in December 2020?